• 500 Internal Server Error

    Please check what i've done wrong? GET HTTP/1.1 Host: Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key: 7adeab5f2f9b44f59a1cabdb7e41807a Authorization: ea0070815746e6408e0cd950bd5d3beb (BearerToken_Post)

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Wed, 08 Aug 2018 09:52:24 GMT
  • Error 500 when I search* { "statusCode": 500, "message": "Internal server error", "activityId": "68ee3136-e867-4dab-8ac7-bd7707298e22" }

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Wed, 31 May 2017 20:31:27 GMT
  • Required header Authorization not specified

    I get an authorization error when running the example code for ComAround openSearch. Below is the C# code from the example. I added code for displaying the response content. Output --------- Hit ENTER to exit... {"errors":[{"detail":"processHeaders( - org.mule.module .apikit.exception.InvalidHeaderException: Required header Authorization not spec ified","title":"Required header Authorization not specified","status":"ERROR"}]} Visual Studio Console App --------------------------------- using System; using System.Net.Http.Headers; using System.Text; using System.Net.Http; using System.Web; namespace CSHttpClientSample { static class Program { static void Main() { MakeRequest(); Console.WriteLine("Hit ENTER to exit..."); Console.ReadLine(); } static async void MakeRequest() { var client = new HttpClient(); var queryString = HttpUtility.ParseQueryString(string.Empty); // Request headers client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key", "3f323586xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7f5b4e9b"); // Request parameters queryString["q"] = "qwerty"; var uri = "" + queryString; var response = await client.GetAsync(uri); // Code added by me var content = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync(); Console.WriteLine(content); } } }

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Mon, 01 Aug 2016 14:13:50 GMT
  • Required header Authorization not specified

    Hej, Både när jag kör test direkt via webläsarren och då jag använder ett python program enligt era anvisningar så får jag autenticieringsfel. Har testat att skapa nya api nycklar men det hjälpte mig inte.

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Tue, 29 Dec 2015 10:45:05 GMT

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